Moving Mice Craft

Moving Mice Craft

Hey guys,

I thought Mondays could be a mix of different posts, some craft things and some book/stationary reviews, among other cool posts. Sound good? Ok!

Magic Moving Mouse

This week I have tried to make moving mice, which is a great craft for children, especially at the moment, and requires very little materials.

You will need:

  • Paper (sturdy paper works best)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pens (Your choice in colour, I went for pink and black)
Ingredients to make a mouse!

Now we’ve gathered all the necessary bits and bobs together, we can start! Cut a thick strip of paper and fold it in half length ways (Pic 1) and then in half width ways (pic 2). Fold the piece of paper like you would a paper aeroplane (Pic 3).

Do the same with the other side, then open it back up (Top picture). Open it all the way back up and you will see this pattern (Bottom picture). This bit is complicated to explain so bare with me folks! You need to fold along the middle along with the sides of the diamond picture you can see in the bottom one, to create the large picture below. Then do the same the other side (Sorry, I know it’s complicated, I’ve explained it the best I can).

Once you’ve done that and it looks like the first picture below cut the top of it off, then make it into a little mouse face. You can make it look as cute as you like. I also added a little tail because it just felt right!

Now its the fun part, slot it into the piece of paper you folded and move your hands up and down and the mouse will move up the tracks and pop out the end! So cute!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little craft and understood my dodgy instructions?! If you have a go at this little mouse I would love to see your results.

Stay safe and stay home!


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