Wonderful Wednesday – Goats!

Wonderful Wednesday – Goats!

The world is full of grim news, everywhere we go there are more acts of violence, or more abuse or a global pandemic (Covid-19, I’m looking at you!). But buried amongst this tragic news you can find positive news, which unfortunately is very often pushed aside in favour of more catastrophic headlines, to sell the most papers or get the most hits online. This makes me sad! A very dear friend of mine is 94 this month (shout out to Mavis) and she asked me to find her a newspaper that “isn’t full of terrible news” because she wants to “read something nice, something to smile about”. I searched for a physical newspaper and couldn’t find one to suit her needs so I decided to write and print off an article for her each week containing positive things I have found from across the globe. Some new, and some old, but all have one thing in common, they will put a smile on her, and hopefully your, faces.

Today my positive news post is all about goats! Goats are an often overlooked farm animal, they are cute, fluffy and get very attached to their owners if they spend a lot of time with them. Don’t get me wrong, goats can be narky little so and so’s but they can also be sweet and cuddly and gentle. I have been lucky enough to work with goats a few times over the years and have only been headbutted once and it was totally my fault, the goat was just doing what goats do. You often see them at animal parks rooting through your bags for snacks or stealing edible things from small children’s hands, they know how to work the crowd! They are often there due to their kind nature, they are naturally easy to get along with.

But have you heard of surfing goats? It’s not a natural phenomenon like fainting goats or tree climbing goats, but it’s still super awesome!

Back in 2011 a surf dude called Dana McGregor from Pismo Beach, California, adopted a nanny goat he named Goatee (cute right?) to help him keep his garden trim but he wasn’t expecting to form an unlikely bond with her. Pretty soon they were inseparable and being the surf dude that he is, Dana decided to take her surfing with him.

Surfing Goat picture from http://surfinggoats.com

She apparently took to it like, well like a goat to surfing I guess! He even modified a doggie life vest for her to help insure her safety. She seems to really enjoy being out on the water with him and she certainly pulls a crowd when she’s riding the waves. Dana hasn’t just stopped at Goatee being an attraction at the beach, he has really turned it into something positive. Goatee has two offspring, a billy goat called Pismo and a nanny goat called Grover who also surf, just like their Mum! Using the natural pulling power of this family of surfing goats he has created a small empire that helps people from all walks of life, for example he started a project in Mozambique for people to fund the buying of 17 goats to start a farm there, proving a much needed boost to their situation.

He’s also written a book called ‘The Surfing Goat, Goatee” which is very cute! Dana and the goats often make appearances and local schools, senior centres, birthday parties and the surfing school on Pismo beach. He has a summer camp for people with special need’s to learn how to surf, completely free! He calls them ‘beautifully-abled’ people, and as a disabled person myself I much prefer that term! You can find out all about Dana and his surfing goats here.

Sending big hugs out to the happiest family of surfing goats, Goatee, Pismo and Grover!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Jerra xx

Sources: https://backyardgoats.iamcountryside.com/kids-corner/californias-surfing-goats/ and http://surfinggoats.com/index.html

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