Something To Think About – Am I dreaming?

Something To Think About – Am I dreaming?

Hey! I’m back for another edition of ‘something to think about’ and today it’s all about how to tell if you are dreaming. Do you ever have dreams that feel so real you aren’t sure of you’re asleep or if you’re awake? I am quite a vivid dreamer and sometimes catch myself wondering if I’m dreaming in my dreams, how weird is that?

Colourful Clocks

There is actually a couple of very easy ways to tell if you are dreaming, the first one is to look for a watch or a clock. In the land of dreams there is no such thing as time and therefore no such thing as clocks! If there is a distinct lack of clocks or watches then the chances are you’re dreaming.

Rainbow Hand

Not convinced, OK try this, in your sleep you may have too many fingers, try counting them. If you get to 11 or 12 the chances are you are asleep, unless you have 11 or 12 fingers in real life (which if you do, cool!). Your hands in dreams will always be wrong in some way, whether they are deformed, change while you are looking at them or have distinguishing marks you don’t remember, they will be different somehow. It is hypothesised that this is because the dream world is constantly changing as your mind wanders and it simply cannot catch up with building it as fast as you are thinking it.

All of this is true unless of course you are able to do lucid dreaming, then you can scrap these ideas, there are no rules, you make the rules!

Have you tried these methods? Did they work? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care!

Jerra xx

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