Make a fondant Chicken

Make a fondant Chicken

Hey guys,

once again I have enlisted the help of Sarah and 13 from Judacia in the spotlight. This week we have busted out the fondant and made a chicken!

You will need:

  • Fondant (coloured or plain depending on whether you are using food dye or icing pens)
  • You can use tools if you wish but they are not compulsary

See pictures below to guide you and follow the written instructions. Good luck!

As you can see it’s a pretty straightforward little chicken that shouldn’t take you more than about 20 minutes or so.

  1. Grab your white fondant and make it into a ball, work it a little to ensure its soft and pliable.
  2. Using your yellow fondant make a beak and a small sausage shape, this will be made into feet later.
  3. Mould the body into a kind of thick half moon shape.
  4. Mould another white piece of fondant into a ball to make the head. You can gently push them together to make them stick, add a little dab of water onto it to help it stick if necessary.
  5. Use the red fondant to make a comb and wattle (Jagged bit on the head and below the beak) and carefully add them onto the chicken.
  6. The final step is putting the beak and feet on, not forgetting to add the eyes. Ta da! Your chicken is done!

Something simple you can do to occupy your mind or the kids during lockdown. I would love to see your chickens, feel free to drop pictures of them in the comments.

Take care all!


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