Wonderful Wednesday – Pawsome Beach Patrol

Wonderful Wednesday – Pawsome Beach Patrol

Good Morning and happy Earth day!

As we are celebrating the Earth today I thought I would bring you the story of Molly, who is saving the planet, one piece of plastic at a time.

Labradors are wonderful dogs, they are loyal companions, very trainable, full of love and have a slight kleptomaniac side. Molly’s owner Fliss Cater took full advantage of their tendencies and positively encouraged her 2 year old lab to collect random pieces of rubbish and bring them back to her.

A yellow labrador holding a piece of plastic at the beach
Another good Labrador enjoying the beach, not Molly.

Miss Cater taught Molly to retrieve pieces of plastic and other rubbish from their local beach in a bid to help stop the amount of rubbish discarded there being dragged away with the tide. And all Molly expects in return is to be told she is a good girl.

Molly can now be found on her local beach in England cleaning up after mucky humans, racing against the tide and having a blast while doing it.

Well done Fliss and thank you Molly (Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? You are! Yes you are!) for cleaning up Britain’s beaches.

We could all take a leaf out of Molly’s book and be a little bit more conscientious with our rubbish. So this Earth Day, appreciate this lovely dog and maybe make a plan to clean up a beach near you, when we are not being grounded!

Take care!


Source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/labrador-helps-owner-collect-trash-from-beach/

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