The Really Sporadic Book Club Reviews – The Supervillain and Me (Danielle Banas)

The Really Sporadic Book Club Reviews – The Supervillain and Me (Danielle Banas)

Hi Everyone,

I’m super excited to be reviewing this book for you today. I have no connection with the author, I simply chose this book because it sounded fun. All views are my own and I receive no compensation for my review.

I love the cover, it’s really fun!

I stumbled across this book on Amazon while looking for something to read, I had never heard of the author (Danielle Banas) before, finding it was her debut novel made me want to try it out. I love reading debut novels because I always feel like I’m on the precipice of something special. The cover immediately caught my eye, I’m going through a superhero stage at the moment but I have a real soft spot for supervillains too. It is a young adult, science fiction book full of humour and romance.

The storyline follows Abigail Hamilton, teenager and drama fanatic on a journey of self discovery as she and her ‘supers’ battle against an evil threatening the town of Morriston. It’s not particularly fast paced but it has action throughout which I enjoyed, along with a bit of teenage angst! I found that I became rather attached to the characters, I wanted Abigail and her supervillain to have a happy ending, I was rooting for them throughout, I even found myself getting attached to Fish boy!

There are a few things that I felt could have been improved, but as previously stated this is only my humble opinion. I have a thing about book covers, I’ve always been the same, I wont buy a book with a movie cover and I expect the picture to tie in with the story (if there is a picture as opposed to a pattern on the cover). I love the cover of this book, I love that you can’t see their faces, it adds to the mystery of the secret identity, very clever. However, in the picture there is someone in a green suit but in the story there is no such character with that colour. Minor detail though overall.

I found the ending slightly frustrating, everything was tied up which was fantastic, kudos for that, but it felt a little rushed. I don’t want to give anything away but I felt that the fathers final part came out of nowhere and felt a little bit like it was just convenient to have this occur. But, that did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying the book.

I loved that the language used was reminiscent of high school but without being too cliché, it made me remember what it was like to be 16 and having the school play as my main focus in life. The characters were well developed, even the minor side characters were well thought out and described (Mrs Miller I’m looking at you) and those we saw slightly more of but were still not the focus were relevant to the plot rather than just randomly put in there for effect (Shout out to super fangirl Sarah!).

I laughed in places and I felt a lump in my throat in others, I loved that the character interaction was sarcastic and bashful, as every teenager should be. The plot was very good, I enjoyed the twist at the end, I wont tell you what it is, you will have to read it and find out for yourselves!

Overall I am super happy to have discovered Danielle Banas and have pre-ordered her second book and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves superhero’s/villains, someone looking for a simple read or someone buying it as a gift. Books make great gifts as it allows the recipient to discover a new author or genre they may not have previously tried. The book is available at all leading book stores or you can purchase it from Amazon here.

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Happy Reading!


Wonderful Wednesday – No More Stray dogs!

Wonderful Wednesday – No More Stray dogs!

Hey Guys,

Today’s wonderful Wednesday is all about stray dogs. The Netherlands, land of wooden clogs and tulips has become the first country ever to tackle and win their stray dog population.

So how did they do it? There are several ways actually, like raising the tax on buying new puppies to the point of ridiculous, embracing the ‘adopt not shop’ mindset and ensuring that all neutering is free. Yes, you read that right, FREE! That will eradicate a huge number of stray dogs as there will be so few unwanted pregnancies. Here in England it’s hard to believe that they are neutering for free when it makes up such a high percentage of a Veterinary practices income.

Brenda, fights for the rights of strays and the ethical treatment of all dogs, probably.

They also have a darn good animal control system, so when you call them they actually turn up! Like, for real, they go and rescue the dog and bring it to a shelter or a foster home. They take this very seriously, even giving those who are abusing or mistreating their animals a hefty fine or even prison time, which they actually enforce!

Their final tool in the fight against strays is education. Yes, it’s a cliché, but their children are taught from a young age how to appropriately care for animals and what the laws are surrounding them. Education is the key to a lot of things in the world and when used properly it has astounding results.

Well done Netherlands, I salute you!


Books and Birthdays!

Books and Birthdays!

Hey guys

This year for my birthday I decided to ask for something a little different, I asked for people to get me their favourite book.

Why? Because not only do I get to read cool books I may not have thought about before but also you get to know the person giving you the book a little better.

Maybe you didn’t know they like horror? Or maybe you were surprised that they like romcoms? It gives you a little insight to that person and helps you to get to know them better.

This was my book haul!

I got ‘The Glass Castle’ from my friend Lindsay, ‘The Railway Children’ from my friend Tilly and the rest from my friend Hannah who wanted to give me her favourites from several genres. I felt both spoilt and utterly blessed to have such lovely friends.

You like this idea? Here is a handy dandy graphic for you to use on any social media platform you wish.

Let me know what you get!

Take care!