Wonderful Wednesday – Wolffish Love Cuddles!

Wonderful Wednesday – Wolffish Love Cuddles!

Wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) is a funny looking fish, but they are awesome! They live in the Atlantic ocean where the water temperature ranges from −1 to 11 °C, they survive this by producing a natural antifreeze. Cool huh? The antifreeze enables them to keep their blood flowing, keeping them alive while they mill about on the ocean floor doing wolffishy things.

Another cool thing about these fish is the way they reproduce. Most fish do this by broadcasting their spawn which is when the lady fish expel a load of eggs and all the gentleman fish scrabble to fertilise them. But, the wolffish is way more romantic than that, they actually have their eggs fertilised internally, I’m unsure whether they snuggle post coitus or not, but I like to think they do. As with many other animals the incubation period is dependent on temperature so the females pregnancy can last between 4 – 9 months. When the little ones come along the Dad’s are awesome, they protect their offspring fiercely.

Wolffish – Credit to gettyimages

The coolest thing about these fish in my opinion is that they love to cuddle divers! How cute is that? They actively seek out divers and these crazy looking fish are so inquisitive they approach them and put their faces to the divers faces and wrap themselves around them.

I want to snuggle a wolffish!

Happy Wednesday!

Something To Think About – (Spaghetti)

Something To Think About – (Spaghetti)


Welcome to the first edition of ‘something to think about’. If you like random quirky facts and interesting things then you are most certainly in the right place. Each week I will introduce you to a new fun fact which I’m happy to discuss with you.

Most of us enjoy a big plate of spaghetti, I know I do. Spaghetti is one of those weird things that I cannot guess the volume of. If I’m cooking spaghetti there is either barely enough for myself and my partner or there is enough for us and 37 friends! How about you? Are you a spaghetti volume genius or do you fail hard, like me?

Spaghetti – Yum!

Did you know that spaghetti is actually a plural? The correct term for a single strand of spaghetti is spaghetto. I have several issues with this, firstly, who has a single strand of spaghetti? No-one, that’s who! And secondly no recipe requires you to have 134 strands of spaghetti and not a single spaghetto more! (Although I kind of want that to be a thing!)

So there you go, now you know the singular term for spaghetti.

Have fun, learn loads!