The 30 Days Wild Challenge

The 30 Days Wild Challenge

Hey guys,

So today should be about journal prompts but I’ve decided to go with the 30 Day Challenge by Kent Wildlife Trust. It’s something I do every year and get a lot out of it so I thought you might like to join me?

It’s as simple as it sounds, you do something to benefit or increase your knowledge/enjoyment of your local wildlife every day for 30 days.

This could be something like feeding the birds, which is how I’ve kicked my challenge off, or learning to spot 5 new species of wildlife (including insects, let’s be all inclusive people!), going for a walk in the woods, feeding the ducks or planting some new flowers. As long as it’s about nature and wildlife you can do anything!

Bird feeders looking pretty darn full!

I would love to see your progress so stay in touch!


Books and Birthdays!

Books and Birthdays!

Hey guys

This year for my birthday I decided to ask for something a little different, I asked for people to get me their favourite book.

Why? Because not only do I get to read cool books I may not have thought about before but also you get to know the person giving you the book a little better.

Maybe you didn’t know they like horror? Or maybe you were surprised that they like romcoms? It gives you a little insight to that person and helps you to get to know them better.

This was my book haul!

I got ‘The Glass Castle’ from my friend Lindsay, ‘The Railway Children’ from my friend Tilly and the rest from my friend Hannah who wanted to give me her favourites from several genres. I felt both spoilt and utterly blessed to have such lovely friends.

You like this idea? Here is a handy dandy graphic for you to use on any social media platform you wish.

Let me know what you get!

Take care!


Launch Day!

Launch Day!

Hey there! It’s wonderful of you to join me here on launch day!

So, what is Chicken Bee? It’s a shiny new blog where you can read good news articles, learn some quirky facts, try a new craft, read a book review and check out some funky stationary. Sound good? Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.

There will be several reoccurring posts such as the book and stationary reviews, as well as a couple more topics, but I dont want to ruin the surprise! I will aim to post at least twice a week so you have something interesting to read on the way to or from work, waiting for an appointment or on the loo (no judgement here folks!).

I can be found at my messy desk that’s full of colour and chaos, which pretty much sums me up, feel free to drop me a comment or email, I will always reply.

My desk in the ‘yellow room’

Without further ado, I give you, Chicken Bee! (Insert huge fanfare, lead by Chickens, obviously!)

Be sure to follow me or subscribe to my emails so you don’t miss any wonderful content. I look forward to getting to know you a little better.