Something To Think About – Watch Your Feet!

Something To Think About – Watch Your Feet!

We all know that Shakira famously said that the hips don’t lie but it turns out there is another part of the body that doesn’t lie either. The feet!

Watch Your Feet!

Do you ever worry that when you are having a conversation with someone that they might not be interested? I can help with that! Look at their feet. If they are facing you then they are interested, but if they are facing away from you or in any other direction the chances are they are not interested in carrying on the conversation.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to every case but its a good indication of how things are going.

So there you go, the feet don’t lie!

Wonderful Wednesday – Zoo Edition

Wonderful Wednesday – Zoo Edition

Have you heard the news? Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks will be able to open as of 2 days ago (15th June). This is wonderful news, it was beginning to get a bit scary with Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks preparing to euthanise animals and possibly close down. While this is a really harsh outlook we must remember that they do not receive any help from the government and most of the time rely on patronage to fund their existence.

Now we’ve all seen Tiger King, so we’re basically experts on how to run a Zoo at this point right? So you can’t tell me you’re not curious to go to a Zoo now and judge them on your newly realised standards?! C’mon, we all are!* Extra points if you turn up dressed as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin!!

Based in Kent, UK

Howletts Wild Animal Park is the closest one to me and I was lucky enough to volunteer in the education department for a short time during my degree and I have seen first hand how hard each and every member of staff works and how much they care about the animals they look after. Whatever your views on Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks are I hope we can all agree that saving the animals is the most positive outcome.

See you soon!

*I am not recommending you go to a Zoo or Wildlife Park, but if you do please adhere to social distancing rules.

Something To Think About – All those kids?!

Something To Think About – All those kids?!

Hey guys,

I love the Guinness World Records, and I swear that some day I will be in there! I used to get them for birthdays or Christmas, I’ve always been a lover of facts, the stranger the better and today’s thing to think about is no different.

According to the Guinness World Records the most children born to one woman as 69. Yep, you read that right 69! Her name was Mrs Vassilyeva and she lived in Shyua, Russia from 1707 – 1782 and in 27 separate births she had 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets making her offspring amount to 69. Woah! Just let that set for a minute. 69. 69 children.

I’ve done what I think you will agree is a very realistic representation of Mrs V and her 69 children, you know, just so you get a further idea of the sheer volume of children here! What’s the pronoun for this? A herd? A fleet? A shoal? or is it really boring, like, a crowd? I’m choosing fleet. A fleet of children!

Mrs V and her fleet of children

It’s mind blowing really, but also super cool at the same time, anyway, its something to think about…….



Wonderful Wednesday – Notre Dame Bees

Wonderful Wednesday – Notre Dame Bees

Did you know that the Notre Dame in Paris had a thriving colony of bees before the tragic fire of April 2019? Me neither! But it did! This wonderful colony took up residence there in 2013 and were looked after by apiarist (posh name for bee keeper) Nicolas Géant.

A honey bee I made friends with

It’s been hailed a miracle that the bees survived the toxic smoke and flames of the building, as it turns out the flames didn’t reach them and carbon dioxide makes the bees really sleepy, so they were just basically super chilled during the whole thing! Phew!

In times of crisis European bees gorge themselves on honey and prepare for war, when something like this occurs where carbon dioxide is present they will all snuggle around their queen to protect her. It’s like a fairy tale!

Sibyle Moulin has been looking after them since they decided to stay in the sacristy roof, she reports that they are thriving in the blackened building and carrying on as if nothing happened. Go bees!

Told you bees were cool!!


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