Something To Think About – Watch Your Feet!

Something To Think About – Watch Your Feet!

We all know that Shakira famously said that the hips don’t lie but it turns out there is another part of the body that doesn’t lie either. The feet!

Watch Your Feet!

Do you ever worry that when you are having a conversation with someone that they might not be interested? I can help with that! Look at their feet. If they are facing you then they are interested, but if they are facing away from you or in any other direction the chances are they are not interested in carrying on the conversation.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to every case but its a good indication of how things are going.

So there you go, the feet don’t lie!

Something To Think About – The Infinity Symbol

Something To Think About – The Infinity Symbol

So here’s something to think about, there is actually a name for the infinity symbol.

Infinity Symbol

This symbol is called a ‘lemniscate’. Pretty cool huh?

There you go, something to think about!

Stay safe!


Something To Think About – Back When Tigers Used To Smoke!

Something To Think About – Back When Tigers Used To Smoke!

We’ve all heard a story or two that starts off with ‘Once Upon A Time…..’, some of my favourite stories start this way, for example ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson. If you’re used to the Disney version this one is a bit more brutal, personally I love both but for very different reasons. Anyway, I digress.

Smoking tiger?

It turns out in Korea they don’t say once upon a time, they say ‘Back When Tigers Used To Smoke’! Can you imagine starting the little mermaid like that? Or Cinderella? It makes me laugh so much, I love it!

I have so many questions. Why was the tiger smoking? Was he smoking a cigarette or smoking like he was on fire? Where did he learn to smoke? Could all tigers smoke back then? Where did they get their cigarettes from? Was it cigarettes or was it a pipe or maybe a cigar? See? Questions!!

I am leaving you probably with more questions than you started with because its good to have something to think about!

Stay curious!

Something to think about –

Something to think about –

Remember when you were a kid and you pretended to be a wizard or a magician and the magic word was usually ‘Abracadabra’? Well, it turns out that it actually has relevance, it’s not just a made up word.

I always wanted a bunny in a hat when I was little, but had no skills as a magician

Abracadabra is actually a Hebrew phrase that means ‘I create what I speak’, so you can see that saying that particular magic work is not just gobbledegook but an actual relevant term. Pretty cool huh?

So there you go, something to think about!


Something to think about – Green Blood!

Something to think about – Green Blood!

Did you know there is a medical condition called Sulfhemoglobinemia that turns your blood green? I know!! It sounds like something from a good scifi book but its not, it’s an actual condition!

Generic Blood Samples

Can you imagine having your blood taken and the vial filling up with green blood? It would be both cool and scary! It’s actually a problem with hydrogen sulfide being absorbed into the gut causing issues with circulation and a blueish tinge to the skin, especially the lips (cyanosis). At least, this is what it is thought to be, there is no firm diagnosis as to why this occurs. But you will be pleased to know its incredibly rare.

So if you do happen to bleed green the chances are you are not an alien, you are just a little poorly and go and get yourself checked out……….then contact me, because I want to see it! Haha!

Take care!


Something to think about – Are you a mer-person?

Something to think about – Are you a mer-person?

Hey Guys,

Have you ever noticed on yourself or someone else there is sometimes a little hole in the top of the ear that looks almost like a pin prick? It turns out that 0.9% of people in England have this where as only 0.1% of people in America have this.

Tiny ear hole at the top of the ear
My Ear

I have it, its called Preauricular Sinus or Pit which is usually harmless (in some people it may need to be looked at as it can lead to infections, but the pit has to be reasonably sized in order to do this – I’m not medically trained so do not take my word for it!). The picture above is my left ear, the pit is super tiny, it got smaller as I got older, but I’ve always wondered what it was?

An evolutionary scientist dude called Neil Shubin thinks it’s a remnant of a time when we had gills. Yep. Gills. And although this theory is not scientifically tested I have decided to agree with him because that would make me A MERMAID!! I have a freakin left over gill. Mermaid.

How many other mer-people are out there? Give me a shout my fellow fish!

Anyway, it’s something to think about huh?!

Take care,



Something To Think About – All those kids?!

Something To Think About – All those kids?!

Hey guys,

I love the Guinness World Records, and I swear that some day I will be in there! I used to get them for birthdays or Christmas, I’ve always been a lover of facts, the stranger the better and today’s thing to think about is no different.

According to the Guinness World Records the most children born to one woman as 69. Yep, you read that right 69! Her name was Mrs Vassilyeva and she lived in Shyua, Russia from 1707 – 1782 and in 27 separate births she had 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets making her offspring amount to 69. Woah! Just let that set for a minute. 69. 69 children.

I’ve done what I think you will agree is a very realistic representation of Mrs V and her 69 children, you know, just so you get a further idea of the sheer volume of children here! What’s the pronoun for this? A herd? A fleet? A shoal? or is it really boring, like, a crowd? I’m choosing fleet. A fleet of children!

Mrs V and her fleet of children

It’s mind blowing really, but also super cool at the same time, anyway, its something to think about…….



Something To Think About – Am I dreaming?

Something To Think About – Am I dreaming?

Hey! I’m back for another edition of ‘something to think about’ and today it’s all about how to tell if you are dreaming. Do you ever have dreams that feel so real you aren’t sure of you’re asleep or if you’re awake? I am quite a vivid dreamer and sometimes catch myself wondering if I’m dreaming in my dreams, how weird is that?

Colourful Clocks

There is actually a couple of very easy ways to tell if you are dreaming, the first one is to look for a watch or a clock. In the land of dreams there is no such thing as time and therefore no such thing as clocks! If there is a distinct lack of clocks or watches then the chances are you’re dreaming.

Rainbow Hand

Not convinced, OK try this, in your sleep you may have too many fingers, try counting them. If you get to 11 or 12 the chances are you are asleep, unless you have 11 or 12 fingers in real life (which if you do, cool!). Your hands in dreams will always be wrong in some way, whether they are deformed, change while you are looking at them or have distinguishing marks you don’t remember, they will be different somehow. It is hypothesised that this is because the dream world is constantly changing as your mind wanders and it simply cannot catch up with building it as fast as you are thinking it.

All of this is true unless of course you are able to do lucid dreaming, then you can scrap these ideas, there are no rules, you make the rules!

Have you tried these methods? Did they work? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care!

Jerra xx

Something To Think About – (Spaghetti)

Something To Think About – (Spaghetti)


Welcome to the first edition of ‘something to think about’. If you like random quirky facts and interesting things then you are most certainly in the right place. Each week I will introduce you to a new fun fact which I’m happy to discuss with you.

Most of us enjoy a big plate of spaghetti, I know I do. Spaghetti is one of those weird things that I cannot guess the volume of. If I’m cooking spaghetti there is either barely enough for myself and my partner or there is enough for us and 37 friends! How about you? Are you a spaghetti volume genius or do you fail hard, like me?

Spaghetti – Yum!

Did you know that spaghetti is actually a plural? The correct term for a single strand of spaghetti is spaghetto. I have several issues with this, firstly, who has a single strand of spaghetti? No-one, that’s who! And secondly no recipe requires you to have 134 strands of spaghetti and not a single spaghetto more! (Although I kind of want that to be a thing!)

So there you go, now you know the singular term for spaghetti.

Have fun, learn loads!