Wonderful Wednesday – Wolffish Love Cuddles!

Wonderful Wednesday – Wolffish Love Cuddles!

Wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) is a funny looking fish, but they are awesome! They live in the Atlantic ocean where the water temperature ranges from −1 to 11 °C, they survive this by producing a natural antifreeze. Cool huh? The antifreeze enables them to keep their blood flowing, keeping them alive while they mill about on the ocean floor doing wolffishy things.

Another cool thing about these fish is the way they reproduce. Most fish do this by broadcasting their spawn which is when the lady fish expel a load of eggs and all the gentleman fish scrabble to fertilise them. But, the wolffish is way more romantic than that, they actually have their eggs fertilised internally, I’m unsure whether they snuggle post coitus or not, but I like to think they do. As with many other animals the incubation period is dependent on temperature so the females pregnancy can last between 4 – 9 months. When the little ones come along the Dad’s are awesome, they protect their offspring fiercely.

Wolffish – Credit to gettyimages

The coolest thing about these fish in my opinion is that they love to cuddle divers! How cute is that? They actively seek out divers and these crazy looking fish are so inquisitive they approach them and put their faces to the divers faces and wrap themselves around them.

I want to snuggle a wolffish!

Happy Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday – The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Wonderful Wednesday – The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Hey there,

Have you ever heard of the rainbow eucalyptus tree? They were bought to my attention this week by 2 of my lovely friends.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is actuall called Eucalyptus deglupta and are the only eucalyptus tree that is indigineous to the nothern hemespere. Standing at up to 250 feet, or 76 metres, these tall beauties can be found in the Phillippines, New Guinea and Indinesia. This is because the tropical rain forests get a lot of rain helping it to grow.

So why is it like a rainbow then? Well, I’m glad you asked dear reader, because it’s quite cool. The tree boasts colours such as red, orange, grey, blue and green which appear in vertical stripes because the tree sheds it bark very slowly, so the previous seasons bark is what reveals the different streaks. As the bark peels at different times the colours it relevels underneath will be different stages of the new bark growing. How cool is that?

I urge you to look these trees up, they are facinating, and if you ge tthe chance to see one in real life, do let me know!

See you soon!


Wonderful Wednesday – Zoo Edition

Wonderful Wednesday – Zoo Edition

Have you heard the news? Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks will be able to open as of 2 days ago (15th June). This is wonderful news, it was beginning to get a bit scary with Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks preparing to euthanise animals and possibly close down. While this is a really harsh outlook we must remember that they do not receive any help from the government and most of the time rely on patronage to fund their existence.

Now we’ve all seen Tiger King, so we’re basically experts on how to run a Zoo at this point right? So you can’t tell me you’re not curious to go to a Zoo now and judge them on your newly realised standards?! C’mon, we all are!* Extra points if you turn up dressed as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin!!

Based in Kent, UK

Howletts Wild Animal Park is the closest one to me and I was lucky enough to volunteer in the education department for a short time during my degree and I have seen first hand how hard each and every member of staff works and how much they care about the animals they look after. Whatever your views on Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks are I hope we can all agree that saving the animals is the most positive outcome.

See you soon!

*I am not recommending you go to a Zoo or Wildlife Park, but if you do please adhere to social distancing rules.

Wonderful Wednesday – No More Stray dogs!

Wonderful Wednesday – No More Stray dogs!

Hey Guys,

Today’s wonderful Wednesday is all about stray dogs. The Netherlands, land of wooden clogs and tulips has become the first country ever to tackle and win their stray dog population.

So how did they do it? There are several ways actually, like raising the tax on buying new puppies to the point of ridiculous, embracing the ‘adopt not shop’ mindset and ensuring that all neutering is free. Yes, you read that right, FREE! That will eradicate a huge number of stray dogs as there will be so few unwanted pregnancies. Here in England it’s hard to believe that they are neutering for free when it makes up such a high percentage of a Veterinary practices income.

Brenda, fights for the rights of strays and the ethical treatment of all dogs, probably.

They also have a darn good animal control system, so when you call them they actually turn up! Like, for real, they go and rescue the dog and bring it to a shelter or a foster home. They take this very seriously, even giving those who are abusing or mistreating their animals a hefty fine or even prison time, which they actually enforce!

Their final tool in the fight against strays is education. Yes, it’s a cliché, but their children are taught from a young age how to appropriately care for animals and what the laws are surrounding them. Education is the key to a lot of things in the world and when used properly it has astounding results.

Well done Netherlands, I salute you!


Wonderful Wednesday – Captain Tom Moore

Wonderful Wednesday – Captain Tom Moore

Dear internet, it really doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Captain Tom Moore of Yorkshire, UK , is a World War 2 Veteran that decided to support the National Health Service during the Covid-19 pandemic by walking 100 laps of his garden. He is 99 years old (100 tomorrow, I have sent him a birthday card), has had both cancer and a broken hip, he walks with a frame and completed his challenge in 10 lap chunks.

The Wonderful Captain Tom Moore

The whole nation has got behind Captain Tom, he set up a just giving page, which you can find here, in order to raise £1000 for the National Health Service during this crisis. Captain Tom exceeded his target and the last time I checked it stood at over £25million!

Captain Tom is a true gentleman, he has old fashioned values and manners that the Queen will be proud of. Both Prince William and PM Boris Johnson have given him video messages thanking him for both his service in the war and also his fundraising for the NHS. There is a push from the British public to get him a knighthood and I back this all the way. Knight Captain Tom!

A lovely uplifting story in the midst of a lockdown, thank you Captain Tom!


Source: https://inews.co.uk/images-i.jpimedia.uk/imagefetch/https://inews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/captain-tom-pa.jpg https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52333127

Wonderful Wednesday – Pawsome Beach Patrol

Wonderful Wednesday – Pawsome Beach Patrol

Good Morning and happy Earth day!

As we are celebrating the Earth today I thought I would bring you the story of Molly, who is saving the planet, one piece of plastic at a time.

Labradors are wonderful dogs, they are loyal companions, very trainable, full of love and have a slight kleptomaniac side. Molly’s owner Fliss Cater took full advantage of their tendencies and positively encouraged her 2 year old lab to collect random pieces of rubbish and bring them back to her.

A yellow labrador holding a piece of plastic at the beach
Another good Labrador enjoying the beach, not Molly.

Miss Cater taught Molly to retrieve pieces of plastic and other rubbish from their local beach in a bid to help stop the amount of rubbish discarded there being dragged away with the tide. And all Molly expects in return is to be told she is a good girl.

Molly can now be found on her local beach in England cleaning up after mucky humans, racing against the tide and having a blast while doing it.

Well done Fliss and thank you Molly (Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? You are! Yes you are!) for cleaning up Britain’s beaches.

We could all take a leaf out of Molly’s book and be a little bit more conscientious with our rubbish. So this Earth Day, appreciate this lovely dog and maybe make a plan to clean up a beach near you, when we are not being grounded!

Take care!


Source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/labrador-helps-owner-collect-trash-from-beach/

Wonderful Wednesday – Goats!

Wonderful Wednesday – Goats!

The world is full of grim news, everywhere we go there are more acts of violence, or more abuse or a global pandemic (Covid-19, I’m looking at you!). But buried amongst this tragic news you can find positive news, which unfortunately is very often pushed aside in favour of more catastrophic headlines, to sell the most papers or get the most hits online. This makes me sad! A very dear friend of mine is 94 this month (shout out to Mavis) and she asked me to find her a newspaper that “isn’t full of terrible news” because she wants to “read something nice, something to smile about”. I searched for a physical newspaper and couldn’t find one to suit her needs so I decided to write and print off an article for her each week containing positive things I have found from across the globe. Some new, and some old, but all have one thing in common, they will put a smile on her, and hopefully your, faces.

Today my positive news post is all about goats! Goats are an often overlooked farm animal, they are cute, fluffy and get very attached to their owners if they spend a lot of time with them. Don’t get me wrong, goats can be narky little so and so’s but they can also be sweet and cuddly and gentle. I have been lucky enough to work with goats a few times over the years and have only been headbutted once and it was totally my fault, the goat was just doing what goats do. You often see them at animal parks rooting through your bags for snacks or stealing edible things from small children’s hands, they know how to work the crowd! They are often there due to their kind nature, they are naturally easy to get along with.

But have you heard of surfing goats? It’s not a natural phenomenon like fainting goats or tree climbing goats, but it’s still super awesome!

Back in 2011 a surf dude called Dana McGregor from Pismo Beach, California, adopted a nanny goat he named Goatee (cute right?) to help him keep his garden trim but he wasn’t expecting to form an unlikely bond with her. Pretty soon they were inseparable and being the surf dude that he is, Dana decided to take her surfing with him.

Surfing Goat picture from http://surfinggoats.com

She apparently took to it like, well like a goat to surfing I guess! He even modified a doggie life vest for her to help insure her safety. She seems to really enjoy being out on the water with him and she certainly pulls a crowd when she’s riding the waves. Dana hasn’t just stopped at Goatee being an attraction at the beach, he has really turned it into something positive. Goatee has two offspring, a billy goat called Pismo and a nanny goat called Grover who also surf, just like their Mum! Using the natural pulling power of this family of surfing goats he has created a small empire that helps people from all walks of life, for example he started a project in Mozambique for people to fund the buying of 17 goats to start a farm there, proving a much needed boost to their situation.

He’s also written a book called ‘The Surfing Goat, Goatee” which is very cute! Dana and the goats often make appearances and local schools, senior centres, birthday parties and the surfing school on Pismo beach. He has a summer camp for people with special need’s to learn how to surf, completely free! He calls them ‘beautifully-abled’ people, and as a disabled person myself I much prefer that term! You can find out all about Dana and his surfing goats here.

Sending big hugs out to the happiest family of surfing goats, Goatee, Pismo and Grover!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Jerra xx

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